On Generalized ISI Index of the Crystallographic Structure of Tin Dioxide


  • Bijit Bora Department of Mathematics, Joya Gogoi College, Assam 785619, India
  • Bablee Phukan Department of Mathematics, Dergaon Kamal Dowerah College, Assam 785614, India
  • Tapan Kumar Baishya Department of Mathematics, Debraj Roy College, Assam 785621, India


Crystallographic structure, ISI index, SnO2, Topological index


Topological indices are molecular descriptors that help in understanding the physical, chemical and biological properties of molecular structures. The generalization of the Inverse Sum Indeg (ISI) index can be used to obtain many standard degree-based topological indices. In this paper, we have computed the generalized ISI index and its associated topological indices for the crystallographic structure of Tin dioxide, SnO2. These indices are expressed in terms of three variables (l,m,n) such that each corresponds to a particular direction in the growth of the SnO2 crystal. The variation of the topological indices with respect to the three parameters is also studied graphically.




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Bijit Bora, Bablee Phukan, & Tapan Kumar Baishya. (2023). On Generalized ISI Index of the Crystallographic Structure of Tin Dioxide. Science & Technology Asia, 28(1), 60–69. Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/SciTechAsia/article/view/248874



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