Heuristic Evaluation of “PaPaYa PokPok”: Case Study of a Mobile Game


  • Suttisak Jantvongso Assistant Professor, College of Digital Innovation and Information Technology, Rangsit University, Thailand
  • Chuleekorn Nuansomsri Assistant Professor, College of Digital Innovation and Information Technology, Rangsit University, Thailand


Usability, Heuristic evaluation, Mobile game


 Usability of mobile games is vital for the $52 billion mobile gaming industry. It is critical to ensure game acceptance, which contributes to better player engagement and accomplishment. One successful method to ensure good usability is heuristic evaluation. Heuristic evaluation is the frequently used techniques for finding usability problems. Heuristic evaluation has been proven useful in game development. This paper presents the results of heuristic evaluation on the popular mobile game, PaPaYa PokPok as a case study. Six evaluators analyzed six objectives using 44 unique heuristics to identify usability issues. Results suggested that while it is an interesting game, it has room for improvement. The game was created to promote the importance of Thai cuisine. The game was once ranked number one in the top free apps on the App Store. The results of this study provide insights to mobile game developers in order to improve usability.



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