Determination Effectiveness of Biomass Fuel Pellet Machine from Sugarcane Leaves

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Lakkana Pitak



          The objective of this research was to construct and test the efficiency of the biomass fuel pellet machine from sugarcane leaves. It has a diameter of 6 millimetres. The raw materials used the sugarcane leaf crushed to size 2 and 3 millimetres from the grinder machine. And tested at speed of 310 rpm. The test results showed that Biomass fuel pellets using chopped sugarcane leaves through sieve holes of 2 millimetres and 3 millimetres with average diameters of 5.80 and 5.85 millimetres with an average length of 45.50 and 37 millimetres respectively. The machine maximum capacity was 5.27 kilograms per hour and efficient was 96 percent at sugar cane leaves were crushed to size 2 millimetres. It was 96 percent efficient and when the biomass fuel pellet is tested for thermal properties. It was found that the average moisture and density after drying was 9.90 percent, and 44.00 kilograms per cubic meter. And the thermal properties, average 3264.67 calories per grams.


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