Installation of a turntable type meter for proper use

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Pannathon Rodkumneud



          Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA), in the past, used a rotary-type meter as a meter to measure electricity usage of electricity users (EGAT) in which the amount of the meter that was installed When passing through the use, there may be a possibility that the form is incorrect due to the installation of PEA standards. Such problems cause the meter to have a chance to display incorrect energy usage. Away from reality This article presents an adjustment of the angle of installation of a rotating disk type meter so that there is minimal display error. By simulating the angle of inclination in Install meter And calculate the error value in each tilt display The result of the test shows the angle of inclination that causes the meter to display incorrectly, as a guideline for inspection in order to reduce wasted units and digitally switch the measurement strategy.


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