Photovoltaic powered transormerless hybrid converter with active filter for harmonic and reactive power compensation

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R. Arulmurugan


This paper proposed a Transformer less Hybrid SEries Active Filter (THSeAF) that upgrade the power quality in single-stage frameworks with steady renewable Photo Voltaic (PV) supply. It strengthens basic loads and carrying on as high-consonant impedance that does not below the critical loads, it cleans power system and guarantees the utilization of unity power factor. Here we manages energy management and power quality issues identified with electric transportation and concentrate on enhancing the electric vehicle load connected to grid. This depends on the Power Factor Correction (PFC) change with harmonic modulation technique that will give advancement of power factor in PFC operation. The control technique was intended to anticipation of current harmonic distortions with the nonlinear loads to control the flow of utility with no standard massive and expensive transformer. Power factor alongside AC side will likewise kept up to some esteem and furthermore dispense with the voltage distortions at the Common coupling point. Here we protecting sensitive loads from voltage twists, swells and sags as for control framework, without the arrangement transformer it is worthwhile for a modern usage. This paper was done with 2-kVA control showing the adequacy of the current topology.


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Arulmurugan, R. (2018). Photovoltaic powered transormerless hybrid converter with active filter for harmonic and reactive power compensation. ECTI Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications, 16(2), 44-51.
Electrical Power Systems


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