Coaxially Fed Hexagonal Patch Antenna for C- and X-Band Applications with Reduced-Ground Plane

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Abhishek Joshi
Rahul Singhal


The consequence of reduced ground plane in a coaxially-fed hexagonal antenna, on impedance and radiation is analyzed and presented here. Measured and simulated impedance results for a designed antenna are compared with the equivalent circuit model in this paper. The reduction in ground plane excited frequencies in upper C-band and lower X-band. The designed hexagonal antenna uses a substrate with a dimension of 32×33.5 mm2 along with a reduced ground plane of area, 10.44×24.44 mm2. The proposed antenna has a 285 MHz and 380 MHz impedance bandwidth in C-band and X-band respectively. The designed antenna with reduced ground plane works well for C-band and X-band applications.


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Joshi, A., & Singhal, R. (2019). Coaxially Fed Hexagonal Patch Antenna for C- and X-Band Applications with Reduced-Ground Plane. ECTI Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications, 17(2), 136-143.
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