Radio-Heat Contrasts of UAVs and Their Weather Variability at 12 GHz, 20 GHz, 34 GHz, and 94 GHz Frequencies

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Nikolay Ruzhentsev
Simeon Zhyla
Vladimir Pavlikov
Valerii Volosyuk
Eduard Tserne
Anatoliy Popov
Oleksandr Shmatko
Ivan Ostroumov
Nataliia Kuzmenko
Kostiantyn Dergachov
Olga Sushchenko
Yuliya Averyanova
Maksym Zaliskyi
Oleksandr Solomentsev
Olena Havrylenko
Borys Kuznetsov
Tatyana Nikitina


This work describes the procedure for determining the expected values of UAV radio-heat contrasts (gif.latex?\Delta&space;T) and discusses its angular dependences, as well as the estimation of UAV detection distances at four points cm and mm ranges (12 GHz, 20 GHz, 34 GHz, and 94 GHz). This paper reveals the pronounced frequency dependence on brightness temperature (gif.latex?T_{b}) and gif.latex?\Delta&space;T of a fiberglass unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) made from composite fiberglass materials. The quantified experiments are conducted against a sky background under various weather conditions and wave ranges. The qualitative physical interpretation of these properties and their frequency dependence is proposed, reflecting the coefficient values and radio brightness of the background. The weak influence of weather on the observed UAVs in the X and Ku bands are demonstrated along with the multiple decreasing detection characteristics and advantages of the W band under bad weather conditions (the appearance of rain or thick cloud). This work presents data on the values of UAV contrasts, observed against the background of the sky and the regularities noted could be useful for predicting the effectiveness of the proposed radiometric detection and tracking system.


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Ruzhentsev, N., Zhyla, S., Pavlikov, V., Volosyuk, V., Tserne, E., Popov, A., Shmatko, O., Ostroumov, I., Kuzmenko, N., Dergachov, K., Sushchenko, O., Averyanova, Y., Zaliskyi, M., Solomentsev, O., Havrylenko, O., Kuznetsov, B., & Nikitina, T. (2022). Radio-Heat Contrasts of UAVs and Their Weather Variability at 12 GHz, 20 GHz, 34 GHz, and 94 GHz Frequencies. ECTI Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications, 20(2), 163–173.
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