Experimental Investigations into the Behavior of Scaling Factors in a Fuzzy Logic Speed Control Induction Motor with Model Reference Adaptive Control

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Muhamad Zamani Bin Ismail
Md. Hairul Nizam Talib
Zulkifilie Ibrahim
Jurifa Binti Mat Lazi
Mohd Shahrul Azmi Mohamad Yusoff
Baharuddin Bin Ismail


This paper presents a self-tuning fuzzy logic speed controller (FLSC) with model reference adaptive control (MRAC) for an induction motor (IM) drive system. The MRAC is examined by output scaling the factor tuner for optimum motor speed performance. A detailed investigation is carried out on the scaling factor control of the input change error and main FLSC output increment. This proposed method utilizes seven simplified rules of the 5 × 5 matrix membership functions to minimize the computational burden and memory space limitations. All simulation work is conducted using Simulink and Fuzzy Tools in the MATLAB software and the experimental testing with the aid of a digital signal controller board, dSPACE DS1103. Based on the results, the output scaling factor makes a more significant impact on the performance effect compared to the input error scaling factor. The input change error and output SF also exhibit similar behavior, indicating that a large range of UoD tuners works well in terms of capability load rejection while a small range of UoD tuners performs well in terms of rise time. The analysis includes no-load and load tests to ascertain the overshoot percentage, rise time, and settling time for transient and steady-state conditions.


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Ismail, M. Z. B., Talib, M. H. N., Ibrahim, Z., Lazi, J. B. M., Yusoff, M. S. A. M., & Ismail, B. B. (2022). Experimental Investigations into the Behavior of Scaling Factors in a Fuzzy Logic Speed Control Induction Motor with Model Reference Adaptive Control. ECTI Transactions on Electrical Engineering, Electronics, and Communications, 20(2), 174–185. https://doi.org/10.37936/ecti-eec.2022202.246896
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