A Study of System to System: Lao PDR and Thailand

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Chaiyaporn Lothongkam
Songsak Chusanapiputt


This paper deals with a system to system power interconnection model from case study Lao PDR and Thailand. ASEAN Interconnection Mater Plan-II (AIMS-II) and Thailand PDP2015 are reviewed in details. The result is recommended for EDL to be used as a guideline for implementation of the System-to-System power interconnection in the future. The paper is presented only views and ideas implementation process only. The power system study for the power system interconnection such as load flows, stabilities, contingencies, etc. those are out of the scope of the paper. System-to-system power import/export requires good cooperation among the countries involved. Bilateral and multi-lateral agreements between parties who will be taking part in the power trade must be established. As for Lao PDR, the steps that should be done in the system-to-system implementation is presented.

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