Strain Signal Processing from Finite Element Analysis of Circular Ring Load Cell

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Thitaphol Huyanan


This paper presents the finite element simulations of Al6061 circular ring load cell under two-force loading. The solution taken from each appropriated angular position for installing strain gauges based on Huyanan’s recent work was processed to generate an average strain signal proportional to a measured force component in each axis. The outcome shows that each average strain signal linearly responses to its measured force component as proposed in both linear regression equations with the coefficients of determination not less than 0.9985. In addition, it also shows that both sensitivities of tangential force measurement and radial force measurement are 1.4538 0.0179 N/με and 2.7120 0.0381 N/με in respectively. The comparative error of measured signal from the proposed load ring to the input signal is lower than the analysed background signal. Thus, it can be concluded that this work is successfully conducted to achieve its aim.

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