The Factors Affecting the Business Model

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Supinda Pahaisuk
Arnon Tubtiang


Digital technology is the key to affects economic and social development in all sectors. Organizations must recognize the importance of changing the existing business model by reforming with digital innovation. Therefore, the business model in the digital context is a tool to create new products and innovations and new service. This research aims to study various factors with a conceptual framework that cover important parts of the business consist of value propositions, stakeholders, channels, customer relationships, key resources, key activities, key partnerships, cost structure, revenue streams, and sustainability. The researcher used the survey method to distribute the questionnaire to the target group who experts in new product development and innovation by surveying public and private organizations in Thailand. The researcher used the method of analyzing the level of opinion, the Five-Point Likert Scale. Additionally, this research used descriptive statistic and multiple regression for analyzing the data which the significance level of 0.05 by using SPSS Version 24. The results of the study, hypothesis testing has revealed significant factors which have a positive effect. The result from the study, researchers found that key partnerships are the most affecting the business model followed by sustainability, stakeholders and revenue streams respectively.

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