Cyber security competence for Thai government official Related to NIST and ISO27001 / 2013 Standards

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Tanaphat Kittiwanitchaphar
Arnon Tubtiang


This paper is intended to study the Cyber Security competence of Thai government official and to deliver the outcome as a management guideline and competence improvement for 5 levels Thai government official. The outcome can be classified into 6 levels. The study finds that there are 15 units of competence, 107 element of competence, each contains different elements. Competence level overview of operation level staff is 2-3, supervisor level staff is 3, senior supervisor level is 5, specialist level is 5 or 1, chief level is 0,1 or 5. The competence level concept to divided by professional in 4 areas 1. Technical area 2. Risk area 3. Plan and Management area 4. Human and Stakeholder communication

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