Problems for Business of Renewable Power Plants in Thailand

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Songkrit Treerutpicharn
Waranon Kongsong
kijbordi Kongbenjaphuch


This paper aims to study the problems of renewable energy plants project in Thailand for investors who want to do business in renewable power plants. The benefit of this paper is that the result will be the choices of investor to invest the project which is suitable for their business and success. It led to be success for the nation to develop the country with the main energy security also. Qualitative research is based on documentary research approach by descriptive methods which overview of renewable power plant project and specific issues in the term of common problem of every kind of renewable power plant. Moreover, problems that depend on type of renewable power plant will be described. The result has been shown that common problem of all renewable power plant is following, 1. The transmission line is not available for power plant to connect the feeder of cable. 2. The process of all permits is complicated. 3. The detail design from engineer who is lack of experience. The problems of renewable energy projects classified by type of project were as follows: 1. Lack of fuel occurs in biogas power plant, biomass power plant and waste to energy power plants. 2. The appropriate location due to the dependence on nature. It occurs in small hydro power plants, wind power plant and solar power plant.

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