Finite Element Analysis of Strain Gauges Location on Circular Ring Load Cell

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Thitaphol Huyanan


Since a limited number of published works about strain gauges location on a circular ring load cell which can measure both radial force and tangential force at a same instance. This paper implemented a finite element analysis on an investigation of a suitable angular location and for installing strain gauges on a load ring that can be used for measuring both aforementioned forces. An analysis of circular stresses and on outer and inner surfaces as well as a stiffness analysis were required to conduct on 8 different loading cases. An investigation results concluded that the force transducing circuit should be a Half-bridge circuit since there are 2 locations either on outer or inner surfaces that provide their lowest strains at a near level with FoS over 2.0. This paper also presents the most practical locations in its summarized table. It is worth noting that it is impossible to locate on any locations without a cross interfering effect from the force . Thus it is required to distinct the signal out of the measuring signal from that particular location.

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