Analysis of Performance of Carrier Sense Multiple Access Protocol in Packet Communication Systems

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Apichata Thongrak
Suchada Sitjongsataporn


Random access protocol as Carrier Sense Multiple Access (CSMA) and Inhibit Sense Multiple Access (ISMA) have been widely used in packet communication systems. The key feature of CSMA development is that each link with a pair of transmitter and receiver senses the medium and transmits a packet only if the medium is sensed idle. CSMA system has been designed as random access protocols in order to avoid the collision of packets by the absence of an acknowledgment packet for the receiving station. The key feature of ISMA development is that the access point sends a signal ‘idle’ when the access point is not receiving any packets. ISMA system has been designed as random access protocols in order to avoid the collision of packets if two terminals are out of range of each other. This paper presents the study about throughput of CSMA system for the offered traffic. Simulation results show that the throughput of CSMA system achieves well performance compared with the conventional multiple access protocol.

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