The Comparative Study Characterization between Y123 and Y13-20-33 Superconductors by Melt Process

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Sutee Chantrapakajee
Piyamas Chainok
Supphadate Sujinnapram
Thanarat Khuntak
Tunyanop Nilkamjon
Sermsuk Ratreng
P. Udomsamuthirun


In this research, we studied the preparation and the physical properties of Y13-20-33 superconductor and Y123 superconductor synthesized by melt process and comparative studied characterization between Y123 and Y13-20-33. We found the critical temperature onset of Y13-20-33 and Y123 were 90 K and 94 K, respectively. The morphology of Y123 superconductor has flat surface and more clear grain boundary than Y13-20-33. The textures of Y13-20-33 superconductor showed more melted of grain boundary than that of Y123. The orthorhombic structure was found in both superconductors but c/a ratio of Y13-20-33 was higher than of Y123.

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