A soliton-based Radio-over-Fiber WDM-PON by micro-optics-electro system

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P. Udomariyasap
S. Songmuang
S. Mitatha
N. Thammawongsa
P.P. Yupapin


This paper proposed a micro-optics-electro system design and a dark soliton laser module for Radio-over- fiber (RoF) WDM-PON network. Experimental investigate soliton transmission through a dispersion channel with and without Dispersion Compensation Fiber (DCF). The soliton pulse generator module schematic model is applied by OptiBPM and OptiSYSTEM programming for RoF WDM-PON network. As a result, the proposed system performance and soliton spectrum dispersion by the experiment simulated channels with and without DCF are shown. According to, the proposed micro-optics-electro system can be manipulated with a bidirectional function to access in a various applications such as sensor node, bioelectronics sensor, micro radio communication, etc.

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