Wideband Gysel Power Divider Based on Parallel-Coupled Microstrip Line with Bandstop Filter for the 2nd Harmonic Suppression

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N. Angkawisittpan
S. Sonasang
S. Srisawat
R. Phromloungsri


This paper presents a new design of wideband in-phase power divider/combiner with parallel-coupled microstrip line. The proposed design applies a modified Gysel structure for an increased passband bandwidth and spurious response suppression (at the 2ndharmonic frequency) with Bandstop filter (BSF). Simulated and measured results at the 900 MHz operating frequency of the conventional and the proposed Gysel power dividers with BSF are compared. The measured results exhibit the insertion loss of less than 3.0 dB (S21, S31) and the return loss of more than 20 dB (S11, S22, S33) with wideband at the 900 MHz. Moreover, the proposed Gysel power divider provides the 2nd harmonic frequency suppression of more than 10 dB.

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