First solvation shell of polymer electrolytes: PEO4:KSCN

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Sittichai Kulawong
Jittima Chaodamrongsakul


The local structure of potassium ions were investigated, using experimental measurement of the Extended X-ray Absorption Fine Structure (EXAFS) spectra. This method gives more important information at the atomistic scale including the distance (r) between atom pair around the probed ion and coordination number (N). The coordination number, distances and the Debye-Waller factor (2) of the first shell were focused. EXAFS results revealed that ether oxygen of poly(ethylene oxide); PEO were induced by potassium ion to form an local structure. The first solvation shell in the EXAFS fittings of PEO4:KSCN consists of five oxygen atoms and two nitrogen atoms.

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