Effects of Preparation Parameters on TiO2/water Nanofluid Stability

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T. Meesuppung
Pailin Ngaotrakanwiwat


Nanofluid is of great interest as innovative medium for heat transfer unit due to high thermal conductivity of particles suspended in base fluid. Stability of nanofluid is a critical barrier of its versatile applications. This research aims at the preparation of high stability TiO2/water nanofluid. The variation of the amount of TiO2 particle containing in water and concentration of dispersant (CTAB; Cetyl Trimethyl Ammonium Bromide) were investigated. Moreover, the effect of temperature change during the operation was monitored. The results showed that nanofluid prepared at volumetric ratio of TiO2/water up to 6.0% (v/v) without CTAB has the good stability. However, in order to get the higher thermal conductivity, nanofluid containing TiO2/water 9.0% (v/v) with CTAB 1.92x10-4 mol/L at 30˚C exhibited the highest stability. Nevertheless, the stability decreased with increasing of temperature.

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