Effect of Chloride Salt on Extraction of Lactic Acid with n-Butanol

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Kanungnit Chawong
Panarat Rattanaphanee


Extraction of lactic acid from its aqueous solution using n-butanol containing inorganic salt was studied. Effect of changing process variables (salt type and concentration, initial lactic acid concentration and extraction temperature) on extraction efficiency was investigated. Three chloride salts, i.e. NaCl, MgCl2 and CaCl2 were used. Degree of extraction was represented by value of distribution coefficient of lactic acid in each system. The result was compared with salt-free system of the same extracting conditions. Salting-in and salting-out effects were clearly observed for all the salts within the studied concentration range. When the salt concentration was sufficiently high, the distribution coefficient increased with increasing salt concentration. Among these three salts, NaCl demonstrated the highest degree of lactic acid extraction using n-butanol. The distribution coefficient was found to decrease with increasing temperature in the range of 30-50C.

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