Intraparticle Diffusion in Lead Adsorption Onto Paper and Pineapple Wastes as Adsorbents

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Panida Sampranpiboon
Pisit Charnkeitkong
Xianshe Feng


The paper wastes from paper processing and pineapple wastes from pineapple juice processing were used as adsorbents for removal of lead by adsorption. The adsorption rates for the two systems were determined, and the adsorption mechanism was shown to be predominantly intraparticle diffusion. For a given adsorbent, an increase in the initial feed lead concentration resulted in an increase in the adsorption rate. The results showed that increasing the lead ion concentration in aqueous solution would increase the diffusion of metal ions in the boundary layer and to enhance the diffusion in the solid. The potential use of paper and pineapple wastes as a cost-effective adsorbent for lead removal in wastewater treatment was demonstrated.

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