Storage System Improvement by AHP Case Study: Die Cut of Jewelry Box

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Ornicha Anuchitchanchai


This study aims to improve storage system of die cut for jewelry box manufacturing. The key success factors are picking time, ease of searching operation and efficiency of using storage area. We focused on improvement of current unstandardized storage system and storage shelf efficiency which is demonstrated by increasing number of stored die cuts after improvement. Two alternative of new storage system had been developed, 1) one is storage system based on Class Based Average 2) another one is Category Storage System. By using the decision making technique of Analysis Hierarchy Process (AHP), Category Storage System has been selected as the most suitable storage system for this manufacturer. After we implement new storage system, the result shows that picking time is reduced from 1.75 minutes to 0.63 minutes with no errors on picking wrong die cut. The number of stored die cuts is increased from 13,183 die cuts to 16,363 die cuts. Moreover, we can reduce number of storage shelf from 29 shelves to 24 shelves.

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