Stress Intensity Factors of a Uniformly Line Loaded Rectangular Plate with Mixed Edge Conditions

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Yos Sompornjaroensuk
Adisak Muenkling


The main purpose of the paper is to investigate the stress intensity factors at the end points of discontinuous support in rectangular thin elastic plate. The plate is simply supported on two opposite edges, clamped on the third edge and partially simply supported on the fourth edge, and also loaded by a uniformly distributed line load. Since the plate has the partial simple support along one edge leading to a pair of dual-series equations that resulted from the mixed boundary conditions, this causes the existence of moment singularities in the order of an inverse-square-root type. In order to analytically determine the stress intensity factors, the finite Hankel integral transform techniques are applied for solving the dual-series equations which can reduce to finding the solution of Fredholm integral equation. Numerical results concerning the solution of integral equation, stress intensity factors, and additionally, the change in strain energy due to the presence of a partial simple support are given for the case of a square plate in the form of graphs and tables for easy reference.

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