Value Based Proposition for Licensing the Rights to Access Satellite Orbit

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Somphop Purivigraipong
Sujate Jantarang


This academic article presents an analysis of each satellite filing package according to the NBTC's announcement (14 May 2021) regarding criteria and methods for licensing the rights to access satellite orbits, in various dimensions. This article proposes a new approach that differs from the approach that regulators have taken in the past. It is a value proposition which aims to reform guidelines and methods for licensing the rights access to satellite orbits. This is an appropriate approach to drive and develop the country sustainably in the long term. Both in terms of in-house technological development in Thailand and the human capital development in the important fields for the country. Including, create the social values, both in terms of reducing economic and educational inequalities of the remote areas compared to urban areas or economic areas.

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