Prototype of the Development of existing Buildings for adaptation to Universal Design: Case Study of Phranakhon


  • บัญชา บูรณสิงห์ Industrial Technology
  • อัธยานันท์ จิตรโรจนรักษ์ Industrial Technology
  • พัฑรา สืบศิริ Industrial Technology
  • มณฑล จันทร์แจ่มใส Industrial Technology


Universal Design, Accessibility, Campus facilities


Research on prototype of the development of existing buildings for adaptation to universal design case study of Phranakhon Rajabhat University aims to 1) study the current problems of buildings in Phranakhon Rajabhat University which are not related to universal design 2) design the architecture for the building within the university to meet the code of universal design and 3) prepare the prototype in the concrete construction of the building to improve the architectural design for the whole. Based on the data analysis, the researchers selected Pilot Building (Building 20) to provide a prototype for concrete construction in order to improve the building to architectural design. The design has been developed in 9 functions including signage, ramps and elevators, stairs, parking, entrances, facades, walkways, buildings the door, the toilet, the surface and the auditorium as well as the construction cost of the operation. In order to create a concrete modular building, it can be proposed to both public and private agencies to consider to build credibility and demonstrate the potential of the university to advance to the standards of design for all. Also, this is the main issue that all public buildings need to concern for people can using function areas equally.


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