Software Computer ERP System Open Source “odoo” For Small and Medium Industry


  • อดิศักดิ์ นาคนาวา Industrial Technology


ERP, E-Commerce, SAP


Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a computer system which is a tool for the management of the organization as a whole. With data linking in the middle reduce data duplication including reducing work processes. Resulting in less labor and work time which a cost reduction linking corporate data for the business sector consists of accounting, customer relationship management: CRM, E-commerce, human resource: HR, manufacturing, project management, purchase management system, sales and warehouse system.

            For small and medium industries in Thailand, there are many numbers according to the ranking of the domestic industry groups of the Federation of Thai Industries such as herbal industry groups. Food industry group pharmaceutical industry group, Shoes industry group, etc. These industry groups are basic industries that are essential to the lives of Thai people which does not have enough income to purchase expensive computer system software such as SAP brand software that has a high price and complicated software installation must replying on specialized experts.