The Development of Mullite-Cordierite mixture for producing Kiln car’s brick using in Tunnel kiln


  • สิทธัตถ์ มาดี Industrial Technology


Tunnel kiln, Kiln car, Mullite-Cordierite


Conventional kiln car’s brick widely used fireclay which is generally known that there are many disadvantages such as much weight impacting to higher heat consumption and low strength causes breaking at high temperature. These causes directly affect to the cost of production. This research aims to develop the mixtures of mullite-cordierite for producing the kiln car’s brick. The research is focus on the experiment to find out the physical properties especially on strength. The results of experiment showed the properties of formula K-2 were better than K-1 as follows: CCS=527.09 kg/cm2,  MOR=125.01 kg/cm2, BD=2.20 g/cm3, %AP=22.42, %WA=10.21, %Firing Shrinkage(W=-0.69, Th=-1.42,   L=-8.89). Based on the results and comparison with Fireclay, it was found that the K-2 mixture could be used as a producing formula of the kiln car’s brick using in the tunnel kiln.



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