The Development Workstation by Ergonomic A Case Study at Donut Shop


  • Wolawit Leelawan Program of Industrial Management, Technology Faculty of Science and Technology Dhonburi Rajabhat University
  • Prasit Krailomsom Industrial Management, Faculty of Industrial Technology Thepsatri Rajabhat University


Workstation, Ergonomic, Abnormal Index (AI), Rapid Upper Limp Assessment (RULA)


This research aimed to study the way to develop workstation in doughnut processing line by using ergonomic principle. AI analysis and RULA technique were used to evaluate work action of staffs in each workstation. From the survey and data collection, it was found that the problem sources were staffs carried a very heavy product. By using the basic evaluation, AI analysis was 3.83 and the RULA was 7. After workstation modification to suit working conditions using take a table in workstation   for 8 weeks, the analytical data showed better results after the modification.

         It was found that the AI calculation was reduced to 1.99 and the RULA was at 3. The sources of problems were from staffs carried a very heavy product.  They could be modified by working processes using take a table in workstation to reduce the work load. Therefore, the tiredness of the staffs decreased resulting in better working performance.


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