The extraction of estrogen-like compounds from Pueraria mirifica, the properties characterization and the preparation of nucleated nanoparticles

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Wachira Yodthong
Tanongsak Sassa-deepaeng


Pueraria mirifica (PM), also known as Kwao Krua Khaw, has been used as herbal plant many decades in the Northern of Thailand. The root of PM contains estrogen-like compounds which are less soluble in water resulted in low bioavailability in aquatic animal application. To increase solubility of the compounds, six different polarity solvents were employed for extraction step such as hexane, benzene ethyl acetate, acetone, ethanol, deionized water sequentially. It was found that deionized water exhibited the highest extraction yield percentage. However, the high phenolic compounds and flavonoid yield were obtained in ethyl acetate fraction (EAF). In addition, the results of scavenging radical assay using DPPH IC50 also indicated EAF possesses the highest activity which positively related to the high content of total phenolic content and flavonoid content. Moreover, EAF also exhibited highest proliferation activity against MCF-7, significantly. From findings, EAF was selected for developing polymeric micelles. The HPBCD, Pluronic F-68, and Pluronic F-127 were employed with Tween 80 to fabricate nanoparticles. It was found that the proper ratio of PM-loaded Pluronic F-127 (PM-F127) product, was in nanosize range and elicited zeta potential value of nearly zero mV, exhibited the transparent aqueous dispersions in DI water. It was promising for further use in vivo studies.

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Yodthong, W., & Sassa-deepaeng, T. (2020). The extraction of estrogen-like compounds from Pueraria mirifica, the properties characterization and the preparation of nucleated nanoparticles. Journal of Science and Agricultural Technology, 1(2), 7–13.
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