Stimuli-responsive Bio-based Polymeric Particles and their Use in Biomedical Applications

  • Chariya Kaewsaneha
  • Pakorn Opaprakasit
Keywords: Stimuli-responsive, bio-based polymeric particles, drug delivery, biomedical application


Stimuli-responsive bio-based polymeric particles are of great interest for use in various applications, especially in biomedical fields. The materials are powerful tools for controlled drug delivery and precision medicine applications. They are useful in a large variety of physiological conditions for normal microenvironments and diseased sites. In this review, recent advances in the development of fabrication processes for stimuli-responsive bio-based polymeric particles with various morphologies and functionalities, are highlighted. Furthermore, the potential use of the materials as smart drug-delivery carriers is discussed. Finally, the respective prospects and limitations inherent in these material systems are addressed.


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