𝐶-Class 𝐹-Contraction in 𝐶∗-Algebra Valued Metric Space


  • Rishi Dhariwal Department of Mathematics, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara 144411, India
  • Deepak Kumar Department of Mathematics, Lovely Professional University, Phagwara 144411, India


𝐶-class function, 𝐶∗-algebra valued metric space, 𝐹-contraction


In the present manuscript, we enlarge the class of 𝐹-contraction in the framework of 𝐶∗-algebra valued metric space. We present some results on fixed points with the help of 𝐶-class function for different types of 𝐹-contractive condition. The result is an extension and generalization of several metric space results available. Moreover, some examples are presented here to illustrate the usability of obtained results.


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