Process Parameter Optimization in ARC Welding of Dissimilar Metals

  • N. Lenin
  • M. Sivakumar
  • D. Vigneshkumar
Keywords: Dissimilar metals welding, MMA welding, Taguchi method, optimal parameters, Tensile strength of the weld


Welding is a basic manufacturing process for making components or assemblies. Recent welding economics research has focused on developing the reliable machinery database to ensure optimum production. In this paper, the optimization of welding input process parameters for obtaining greater weld strength in the manual metal arc (MMA) welding of dissimilar metals like stainless steel and carbon steel is presented. The Taguchi method is adopted to analyze the effect of each welding process parameter on the weld strength, and the optimal process parameters are obtained to achieve greater weld strength. Experimental results are provided to illustrate the proposed approach.


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