About the Journal

Articles that are accepted to be considered for publication must be in Thai or English only, and have never been published in any other printed matter. These articles must not be currently pending consideration by other journals. There are 2 categories of articles as follows:

1. Research article (Research Paper) is a composition that systematically presents results of a research. It includes an Introduction, Literature Review and Relevant Theory, Objective, Assumptions (if any), Definitions (if any), Scope of research, Research Methods, Research Outcome, Benefits, Conclusion and Discussion of Outcome, Suggestions, Citation Footnote (if any) and Acknowledgement (if any).

2. Academic article (Academic Paper) is an academic composition in which aspects to be explained or analyzed are clearly specified. Such aspects are analyzed based on academic principles, by surveying literature in order to provide support to enable conclusion of analysis of such aspects. This might include a compilation of knowledge from various sources for systematic analysis, with the author’s academic attitudes clearly shown.

Scope of articles accepted to be published

-   Statistics

-   Business analysis and research

-   Insurance and risk management

-   Logistics management

-   Operational research

-   Decision technology

-   Population and development

-   Computer science and information technology

-   Information system management

-   Software engineering

-   Information technology management

And other related fields.

Peer Review Process

All articles must be considered by 2 article evaluators

There is a list of authors and article evaluators (Double-Blind Review) 

Publication Frequency

- Two issues per year (Jan-June Issue and July-December Issue)