A Scheduling Framework for Robotic Flexible Assembly Cells

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K. Abd
K. Abhary
R. Marian


Today’s companies develop flexible systems that are adaptable to assemble a mix of products with minimal reconfiguration. A Robotic Flexible Assembly Cell (RFAC) is an adaptable system which can assemble a variety of products using the same resources. A major limitation of Scheduling RFACs is that no prior research has documented the scheduling problem for assembly of multi-products. Hence, the objective of the present study is to layout a scheduling framework to overcome this limitation. The framework intends to propose an effective way to solve the scheduling problem through modelling, simulation and analysis of the RFACs.

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Abd, K., Abhary, K., & Marian, R. (2013). A Scheduling Framework for Robotic Flexible Assembly Cells. Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 4(1), 31–38. Retrieved from https://ph02.tci-thaijo.org/index.php/ijast/article/view/67377