Adaptive DKT Finite Element for Plate Bending Analysis

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P. Bhothikhun
P. Dechaumphai


Discrete Kirchhoff Triangle (DKT) which provides high solution accuracy for plate bending analysis combined with adaptive meshing technique is presented. The DKT plate bending finite element formulation with detailed finite element matrices are derived. Performance of the DKT element is evaluated by comparing with the exact solution. An adaptive meshing technique is applied to generate small elements in the regions of high stress gradient to improve the computed solutions. Larger elements are generated in the other regions to reduce the problem unknowns and thus the computational time. The effectiveness of the combined method is evaluated by several problems. Results show that the combined method can improve the solution accuracy and reduce the computational effort.

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Bhothikhun, P., & Dechaumphai, P. (2013). Adaptive DKT Finite Element for Plate Bending Analysis. Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 6(3), 83–90. Retrieved from