Improving Security with Two-factor Authentication Using Image

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Supakit Mahitthiburin
Sirapat Boonkrong


Most of today’s authentication mechanisms only involve the use of username and password. This is known as one-factor authentication. Even though the method is the most commonly used, there have been problems with its security. This research, therefore, aims to design and develop a two-factor authentication that can improve the security of authentication mechanism. The proposed method contains an extra factor of authentication in image. Combining with the use of username and password, users are allowed to draw anything they want to make up another factor. This makes it different from other existing image authentication mechanisms which force users to choose pre-defined images. The proposed method was tested with thirty users to determine the most appriate security threshold. The performance of the system was evaluated, and the satisfactory survey was also taken.

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Mahitthiburin, S., & Boonkrong, S. (2015). Improving Security with Two-factor Authentication Using Image. Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 8(1), 33–43. Retrieved from
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