Controllable Air-bubbles Size Generator Performance with Swirl Flow

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Pramot srinoi
Kaname Sato


Bubbles are widely used for various purposes such as products cleaning, medical treatments, food processing, fishery operations, etc. In a number of recent patents, micro/nano-bubbles generated by a swirl flow have been used in several applications because this method involves low cost and simple design. In addition, it provides high performance as well as the ability to generate very small bubbles. In this research, the controllable bubble size generator, which enables the bubble size to be changed according to the sequence of operations, was devised, and then the performance was investigated. This generator, which is operated with two fluids of air and water, makes bubbles that are divided into smaller bubbles by applying the shear stress with the swirl flow. The generating air bubbles which radiated a light sheet through slit, was taken a picture with the digital camera, and was measured. The relation between the swirl strength and the bubble size/numbers was investigated.

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srinoi, P., & Sato, K. (2015). Controllable Air-bubbles Size Generator Performance with Swirl Flow. Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 8(4), 245–249. Retrieved from
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Pramot srinoi, Department of Mechatronics Engineering, Faculty of Engineering, Pathumwan Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand