Guideline for Fast Creating Virtual Mould of the Flat Feet

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Suchada Rianmora
Sirikarn Angkara
Atisthan Wuttimanop


It is quite difficult to quickly design the special inserts or shoes for the particular patient who faces the problem about foot’s shape. Well-mould designing can make the geometric shapes of the inserts to be properly fitted to the feet, as the results, the pains can be relieved where the patient can perform the daily activities with more comfortable. To quickly copy near-net shape of the virtual model from the master part, the integrating between reverse engineering and slush casting has been applied where the Automated Selective Acquisition System (ASAS) has been applied in this research as the alternative reflective-scanning method to obtain an organized data set without applying any data reduction processes. For assisting the ASAS technique to quickly acquire the non-rigid part as feet, generating the solid feet by slush casting technique has been firstly performed where the various materials have been studied under the criteria of economical-based impression and non-skin allergic problems.

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Rianmora, S., Angkara, S., & Wuttimanop, A. (2017). Guideline for Fast Creating Virtual Mould of the Flat Feet. Applied Science and Engineering Progress, 10(2). Retrieved from
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