Characterization of General Class of Distributions by Truncated Moment

  • Haseeb Athar
  • Yahia Abdel-Aty
Keywords: Right truncation, left truncation, continuous probability distributions, Pareto distribution, power function distribution, exponential distribution, exponentiated exponential distribution


In this paper characterization studies are based on truncated moments for two general classes of continuous distributions. Characterization properties are discussed using a continuous function based on truncation from the right for a class of distributions, then the result is applied to the right truncated kth moment for some distributions belonging to this class. A similar study is also carried out when truncation is from the left for another form of general class of distributions, and result is applied to the left truncated kthinverse moment for some distributions belonging to this class. The results are obtained in simple and explicit manner which also unifies the earlier results obtained by several authors.


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