Gompertz-Alpha Power Iverted Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications

  • Joseph Thomas Eghwerido
  • Samuel Chiabom Zelibe
  • Eferhonore Efe-Eyefia
Keywords: Alpha power transformation, Gompertz distribution, maximum likelihood estimation, odd functions


This article proposes the Gompertz-Alpha power inverted exponential distribution for lifetime processes. The statistical properties of the distribution such as survival, hazard, reversed hazard, cumulative, odd functions, quantiles, order statistics and entropies were derived. The parameters of the new distribution were obtained by maximum likelihood method. A simulation study was performed to test the flexibility of the propose model. However, the flexibility of the new distribution was also examined using two real life data. The goodness-of-fit of the proposed model indicates that the new distribution perform favourably when compare with existing distributions.


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