An Extension of Generalized Extreme Value Distribution: Uniform-GEV Distribution and Its Application to Earthquake Data

  • Cigdem Topcu Guloksuz Department of Mathematics and Statistics, University of Northern British Columbia, Prince George, British Columbia, Canada
  • Nuri Celik Department of Mathematics, Gebze Technical University, Gebze, Kocaeli, Turkey
Keywords: Skewness, maximum likelihood estimation, extension, generated distributions


This paper presents an extension of generalized extreme value distribution (GEV) which is generated based on the method which is proposed by Alzaatreh et al. (2013). The new extension is called Uniform-GEV distribution and its properties, maximum likelihood estimation are discussed.  A data set is used to demonstrate the potentiality of the proposed distribution. The studied data set refers to the magnitudes of Turkey’s earthquakes from 1970 (January) to 2018 (October) and Uniform-GEV distribution is considered as a model for the data. The results are compared to the considered distributions. Uniform-GEV distribution gives the best fit to the studied data over the considered distributions.


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