On the Identified Power Topp-Leone Distribution: Properties, Simulation and Applications

  • Mohamed Ali Ahmed Department of Statistics, Mathematics and Insurance, Al Madina Higher Institute of Management and Technology, Giza, Egypt
Keywords: Identification problem, Topp-Leone distribution, moments, orders statistics, maximum likelihood estimation


Generally, the identification problem is a serious problem facing many researchers in their empirical models and causes wrong interpretations leading to wrong decisions. In this paper, the identification problem impact is investigated on a new proposed life time model so called the Power Topp-Leone (PTL) distribution, some serious effects of the identification problem are illustrated and solved in PTL distribution. Some mathematical properties are obtained. Parameters estimation of the PTL distribution using maximum likelihood method (MLE) is performed. A simulation study is used to show the impact of ignoring the identification problem and study estimators’ behavior, two real data sets are applied to illustrate the distribution flexibility.


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