TS 226454

A Size Biased Polya-Aeppli Distribution and its Applications


Anurag Gupta, H.L.Sharma and Sanjeeta Biswas

TS 240099

A Predictive Approach for Finite Population Mean When Auxiliary Variables Are Attributes

Monika Saini and Ashish Kumar


TS 230806

Ratio and Inverse Moments of Marshall-Olkin Extended Pareto Distribution through Generalized Record Values and Characterizations

Mahfooz Alam, Rafiqullah Khan and Zaki Anwar


TS 241712

Alpha Power Transformation of Lomax Distribution: Properties and Applications

K. M Sakthivel and V. Nandhini

TS 239995

On the Burr III-Moment Exponential Distribution

Fiaz Ahmad Bhatti, G.G. Hamedani, Haitham M. Yousof and Azeem Ali

TS 211245

Objective Bayesian Analysis for the Power Function II Distribution Under Doudly Type II Censored Data

Tabassum Sindhu and Zawar Hussaina

TS 240359

A Two-Server Bulk Service Queuing Model with a Permanent Server and a Temporary Server on Hold

Kuntal Bakuli and Manisha Pal

TS 242048

On the Precision of Estimators in Sampling Surveys by Multi-Parametric Calibration Weightings

Etebong P. Clement


TS 241354

An Efficient Class of Estimators for Finite Population Mean Using Auxiliary Variable

Kuldeep Kumar Tiwari

TS 239989

Multiple-Decrement Life Table from the Perspective of Markov Process (k-States)

Labananda Choudhury and Rituparna Roy

TS 241611

Sequential Analysis and Robustness Study for the Parameters of Positive Exponential Family of Distributions with Known Coefficient of Variation

Surinder Kumar, Prem Lata Gautam and Vaidehi Singh

TS 241062

The Alpha Power Shifted Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications

Joseph Thomas Eghwerido and Ikechukwu Friday Agu

TS 242145

Circular Generalized Logistic Distributions and its Applications

K.M Sakthivel and Alshad K B

TS 235234

The Estimating of α – Series Process Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Shaimaa Waleed Mahmood

TS 241479

Estimation of Finite Population Quantile by Analytical and Re-scaling Bootstrap Techniques

Sanghamitra Pal and Purnima Shaw

TS 241939

Modified Two Parameter Regression Estimator for Solving the Multicollinearity

Issam Dawoud

TS 242433

Analyzing the Prevalence of Overweight and Obesity of Pakistani Females in Bayesian Paradigm

Kahkashan Ateeq and Maria Ghaffar

TS 242442

Inverse Lomax Log-Logistic Distribution with Applications

Jamilu Yunusa Falgore and Sani Ibrahim Doguwa

TS 239992

Bayesian Analysis of Inverse Rayleigh Distribution under Non-Informative Prior for Different Loss Functions

Ramesh Kumar and Rahul Gupta

TS 230060

A New Compound Exponentiated Weibull Distribution with Statistical Properties and Applications

Saiful Islam Ansari

TS 241580

On the Normal Approximation for Some Special Estimators of the Ratio of Binomial Proportions

Parichart Pattarapanitchai, Kamon Budsaba, Tran Loc Hung and Andrei Volodin

TS 240025

Generalized Order Statistics from Power-Linear Hazard Rate Distribution and Characterizations

Md. Izhar Khan

TS 240120

A New Three-Parameter Lifetime Model: Properties and Applications

Rania H. M. Abdelkhalek

TS 209209

Partial Elimination of Cause of Death under Dynamic Set Up and its Applications

Mompi Sharma and Labananda Choudhury

TS 241488

A Nonparametric Group Runs Control Chart for Location Using Sign Statistic

Shashikant K. Khilare and Digambar T. Shirke

TS 228001

Application of Time-Varying Coefficient Regression Model for Forecasting Financial Data

Jyothi Manoj and K K Suresh

TS 242370

An Extended Approach to Test of Independence between Error and Covariates under Nonparametric Regression Model

Saranishika Maiti, Sthitadhi Das and Soutik Halder

TS 241679

A New Generalization of Power Lindley Distribution and its Applications

C. S Rajitha and K.M.Sakthivel

TS 241820

An Extension of Exponentiated Rayleigh Distribution: Properties and Applications

A. A. Bhat and S. P Ahmad

TS 241609

Post Improved Estimation and Prediction in the Gamma Regression Model

Pannipa Rintara, S Ejaz Ahmed and  Supranee Lisawadi

TS 240948

Power Quasi Lindley Power Series Class of Distributions: Theory and Applications

Amal Soliman Hassan and Marwa Abd-Allah

TS 240303


Appropriate Covariance Structure for Linear Mixed Model in the Animal Experiments with Repeated Measurement Data

Onuma Thonglor and Consorcia E. Reano


Applying the Fuzzy Delphi Method to the Content Validity of the Female Leadership Personality Instrument

Nuha Abdullah and Norasmah Othman

TS 240359

A Two-Server Bulk Service Queuing Model with a Permanent Server and a Temporary Server on Hold

Kuntal Bakuli and Manisha Pal

TS 241478

Reliability of Coherent Systems with Multiple Types of Dependent Components with an Active Redundancy

Zohreh Mohammadi

TS 242185

Estimation of Finite Population Mean by Using Median Type Estimators in Two-Stage Sampling

Waqar Hafeez, Javid Shabbir and Nazrina Aziz

TS 240767

Availability and Performance Analysis of Primary Treatment Unit of Sewage Plant

Ashish Kumar, Monika Saini and Drishty Goyal

TS 225427

Claim Development Patterns with Cluster Analysis

Guettouche Saida, Remita Med Riad and Arrar Nawel

TS 242118

The Beta Topp-Leone Generated Family of Distributions and Theirs Applications

Atchariya Watthanawisut, Winai Bodhisuwan and Thidaporn Supapakorn

TS 242468

Estimation and Testing Procedures for the Reliability Functions of One parameter Generalized Exponential Distribution (GED)

Sumit Koul and Ajit Chaturvedi


Comparison of Listwise Deletion and Imputation Methods for Handling a Single Missing Response Value in a Central Composite Design

Wannaporn Junthopas and Chantha Wongoutong


On Bivariate Inverse Lindley Distribution Derived From Copula

Mohammed Abulebda, Arvind Pandey and Shikhar Tyagi

TS 241503

On Efficient Estimation in Successive Sampling Over Two Occasions

Kuldeep Kumar Tiwari, Sandeep Bhougal, Sunil Kumar

TS 242274

A Fraction Nonconforming m-of-m Control Chart with Warning Limits

Shashikant K. Khilare and Digambar T. Shirke

TS 240214

Parameter Estimation for H-self-similar Stable Fields

Thi To Nhu Dang

TS 241453

Stratified Path Sampling

Mena Lao


The Effects of Sampling from Finite Populations in a Mixed Effects Gage R&R Study

Chawanee Suphirat, Boonorm Chomtee, and John J. Borkowski


Time Strategy for Setting Direct and Wholesale Prices with Intermediaries in Dual-channel Supply Chain of Seasonal Agricultural Products

Nattanan Limjanon and Wichai Witayakiattilerd


Efficient Class of Estimators of Population Mean under Double Sampling

Shashi Bhushan, Anoop Kumarand, Sumit Kumar

TS 242384

A Suggested Estimator for AR(1) Model with Missing Observations

Mohamed Abdelsamie Enany, Mohamed Khalifa Ahmed Issa and Ahmed Abdelfatah Gad


Optimal Estimation of Population Mean in the Presence of Random Non-response

Shashi Bhushan and Abhay Pratap Pandey

TS 242877

Identifiability of Longitudinal Regression Models with Response Variables Observed on (0, 1) or [0, 1]

Elham Tabrizi and Ehsan Bahrami Samani

TS 242699

On Flexible Weibull-Logistic Distribution with Properties and Applications

Khaoula Aidi, Muhammad Zubair, Gamze Ozel, Farrukh Jamal and Aqib Ali


An Efficient Approach for Estimating Population Mean in Simple Random Sampling Using an Auxiliary Attribute

Housila P. Singh, Anurag Gupta and Rajesh Tailor


Comparison of Estimates and Predictors Using Joint Type-II Progressive Censored Samples from Two Generalized Rayleigh Distribution

Mohammad Z. Raqaba, Omar M. Bdair and D. Kundu


Parameter Estimation for Inverted Topp-Leone Distribution based on Different Ranked Set Sampling Schemes

Mostafa Shaaban

TS 241811

Chain Ratio Type Exponential Estimator for Finite Population Mean in Double Sampling

Ranjana Janbandhu, Neha Garg and Rajesh Tailor


Modelling Veterinary Medical Data Utilizing a New Generalized Marshall-Olkin Transmuted Generator of Distributions with Statistical Properties

Laba Handiquea, Subrata Chakraborty, Mahmoud El-Morshedy, Ahmed Z. Afifyd and Mohamed S. Eliwa

TS 241883

An Acceptance Sampling Plan for Testing of Product’s Life Using New Weibull-Rayleigh Distribution

Muhammad Bilal, Muhammad Mohsin and Salman Abbas

TS 241988

Efficient Class of Estimators for Population Variance Using Auxiliary Information in Presence of Non-Response

G. K. Vishwakarma, Shubham Gupta and Chandraketu Singh


Distribution of Logit-Type Link Function in a Generalized Quantile based Asymmetric Distributional Setting

Md Rezaul Karim and Sejuti Haque


Bayesian Inference for the Discrete Weibull Regression Model with Type - I Right Censored Data

Dusit Chaiprasithikul and Monthira Duangsaphon


Some Properties of the New Mixture of Nakagami Distribution

Ibrahim Abdullahi and Wikanda Phaphan


A Comparison of Parameter Estimation Methods for the First-Order of Random Coefficient  Autoregressive Model

Autcha Araveeporn

TS 242090

On GARCH Models and Applications: Foreign Exchange Rate Volatility and a Price Index

Abdelali Ezzebsa, Halim Zeghdoudi and Sihem Nedjar


Profile Monitoring of Residual Control Charts under Gamma Additive Models

Abdel Latif S.H., Mohamed S.M. and Mohamed E.S.


Accelerated Life Testing and Its Application in the Field of Warranty Policy Under Type-I Censoring Scheme

Intekhab Alam, Azhar Uddin and Aquil Ahmed


On Designing Sampling Inspection Plans by Variables Based on Skew-Normal Distribution

Saranya C.R., Sathya Narayana Sharma K. and R. Vijayaraghavan



Reliability Estimation for Multicomponent Stress-Strength model using Median Ranked Set Sampling in Case of  Topp-Leone Distribution

Mostafa Shaaban and Marwa Yahya


Trivariate Copulas on the MEWMA Control Chart

Sasigarn Kuvattana and Saowanit Sukparungsee


A New Ridge Parameter Estimator in Poisson Regression with Correlated Predictors: Optimal Design Approach

Salah Ghorbani and Mehrdad Niaparast


Bayesian Modelling of Exponentiated Weibull Generated Family for Interval-censored Data with rstan

Shazia Farhin, Md Ashraf-Ul-Alam and Athar Ali Khan


Adaptive Test for Periodic ARFIMA Models

Amine Amimour


A new estimator for the Gaussian linear regression model with Multicollinearity

Issam Dawoud, Golam Kibria, Adewale Lukman and Oluwafemi Clement Onifade


Performance Evaluation of Imputation Methods for Missing Data in Logistic Regression Model: Simulation and Application

Salah M. Mohamed, Mohamed R. Abonazel, Mohamed G. Ghallab


A New Family of Generalized Distributions with an Application to Weibull Distribution

Murtiza Ali Lone, Ishfaq Hassain Dar and Tariq Rashid Jan

TS 242259 

Optimal Fenton Process Using the Modified Taguchi Approach

Varalakshmi M, K. Rajyalakshmi and B. Nageswara Rao


New Criterion for Selection in Regression Model

Warangkhana Riansut


On a New Two-parameter Weighted Exponential Distribution and Its Application to the COVID-19 and Censored Data

Christophe Chesneau, Lishamol Tomy and Meenu Jose


A Study on Partially Accelerated Life Test for the Generalized Inverse Lindley Distribution Under Multiple Censored Information

Intekhab Alam, Murshid Kamal, Umme Habibah Rahman, Aquil Ahmed


Transmuted Logistic-exponential Distribution for Modelling Lifetime Data

Ogunsola, I.A., Dawodu, G.A., Soyinka A.T., Osinuga I.A. and Adetona B.O.


Comparative Study on Outliers-Detection Procedures in Binary Logistic Regression Model

Ali H. Abuzaid and Nae'l A. Alghalban


Intra and Outer Bootstrap Methods in Deming Regression Analysis

Necati Alp Erilli


Estimation of Maintenance Costs under Partially Accelerated Life Tests with Multiply Censoring for Reduced Kies Distribution

Intekhab Alam, Aquil Ahmed and Irfan Ali


Proportion Based Dual Unbiased Exponential Type Estimators of Population Mean

Sajad Hussain, Manish Sharma, Vilayat Ali Bhat and M. Iqbal Jeelani Bhat


Frailty-Based Competing Risks Model for the Analysis of Events in Transition to Adulthood

Jayanta Deb and Tapan Kumar Chakrabarty


A General Class of Estimators in presence of Non-response and Measurement error under Two-Phase Successive Sampling

Sunil Kumar and Monica Choudhary


Exponentiated Approach on Intervened Exponential Model with Real-life Study

Vilayat Ali Bhat and Sudesh Pundir


A New and Generalized Class of Log-logistic Modified Weibull Power Series Distributions with Applications

Broderick Oluyede, Neo Dingalo and Fastel Chipepa


Comparison Between the Two Haung-Kotz FGM Types by Fisher Information in Order Statistics and Their Concomitants

H. M. Barakat, E. M. Nigm and A. H. Syam


Improved Estimation of Population Mean in Simple Random Sampling Using Attribute

Shashi Bhushan and Anoop Kumar

TS 242622

Modeling Daily Return Volatility Through GJR(1,1) Model and Realized Volatility Measure

Didit Budi Nugroho, Handoko Wibowo and Asido Saragih


Update: 13 April 2022