TS 190063

Modelling and Analysis of Simple Pendulum Computer Experiments Using a Support Vector Regression Model

Kazeem Adewale Osuolale


TS 168635

Interval Estimation for the Common Coefficient of Variation of Gamma Distributions

Patarawan Sangnawakij and Sa-aat Niwitpong


TS 183512

A Mixed Double Exponentially Weighted Moving Average - Tukey’s Control Chart for Monitoring of Parameter Change

Suganya Phantu and Saowanit Sukparungsee

TS 165099

Bayesian Estimation and Application of Shifted Exponential Mixture Distribution

Farzana Noor, Muhammad Aslam and Tabasam Sultana

TS 182817

Comparison of Accuracy Properties of Point Estimators for the Ratio of Binomial Proportions with Different Sampling Schemes

Thuntida Ngamkham

TS 167715

Interval Estimation of the Overlapping Coefficient of Two Multivariate Normal Distributions

Sibil Jose and Seemon Thomas

TS 168720

Analysis of Water Quality by Using Spatial Graph Theory and Metamodelling

Charan Kumar G. and G. Shobha Latha

TS 190670

Statistical Estimation of Mean of Delta-Lognormal Distribution

Patcharee Maneerat, Sa-aat Niwitpong and Suparat Niwitpong

TS 182162

Moment Properties of Transmuted Power Function Distribution Based on Order Statistics

Abdul Nasir Khan, Neetu Gupta and Zaki Anwar

TS 192247

A Three Parameter Shifted Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications

Agu Friday Ikechukwu, Okoi Emmanuel Jaspa, Runyi Francis Emmanuel and Ogunsanya Adeyinka Solomon

TS 171911

Expectation Identities of Generalized Order Statistics from the Bass Diffusion Model

Zaki Anwar, Abdul Nasir khan and Neetu Gupta

TS 142674

An Exploratory Factor Analysis of Market Survey Instruments for Automobile Industry

Mohd Hanafi Azman Ong and Zamalia Mahmud

TS 190570

An Extension of Generalized Extreme Value Distribution: Uniform-GEV Distribution and Its Application to Earthquake Data

Cigdem Topcu Guloksuz and Nuri Celik

TS 192077

Wrapped Two-Parameter Lindley Distribution for Modelling Circular Data

Sahana Bhattacharjee, Inzamul Ahmed and Kishore K Das

TS 205829

Asymptotic Analysis of Method of Moments Estimators of Both Parameters for the Binomial Distribution: Theoretical Part

Salma Farah Ibrahim Saad, Shakhawat Hossain, Andrei Volodin

TS 147890

Quantile Regression Approach for Quality of Life of Construction Labourers in Varanasi City, India

Dharma Raj, Prafulla Kumar Swain, Bailochan Behera and Bhanu Pratap Singh

TS 171689

Stochastic Modeling of a Non-Identical Redundant System with Priority in Repair Activities

Monika Saini, Kuntal Devi and Ashish Kumar

TS 191063

Detection Capability of the Modified EWMA Chart for the Trend Stationary AR(1) Model

Piyatida Phanthuna, Yupaporn Areepong and Saowanit Sukparungsee

TS 187710

The Properties of Inverse Pareto distribution and its Application to Extreme Events

Sukanda Dankunprasert, Uraiwan Jaroengeratikun, and Tosaporn Talangtam

TS 135284


Construction of Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs Using Supplementary Difference Sets

P. Chiranjeevi and B. Re. Victorbabu


TS 197804

A Comparative Analysis of Robust Moving Average Dispersion Control Charts

Moustafa Omar Ahmed Abu-Shawiesh, Aamir Saghir, Mohammad H Almomani, Mokhtar Abdullah, and Hatim Solayman Ahmed Migdadi

TS 207474

Entropy Bayesian Estimation for Lomax Distribution Based on Record

Amal S. Hassan and Ahmed N. Zaky

TS 206267

A New Ridge Estimator for the Negative Binomial Regression Model

Nada Nazar Alobaidi, Rehad Emad Shamany and Zakariya Yahya Algamal

TS 176368

Some New Members of the T-X Family of Distributions

Laba Handique, Muhammad Akbar Ali Shah, Muhammad Mohsin and Farrukh Jamal

TS 167178

Recurrence Relations for Moments of Dual Generalized Order Statistics from Generalized Inverted Kumaraswamy Distribution and Its Characterization

M. I. Khan


TS 109639

Bayesian Aproach for the Estimation of Missing Responses in Randomized Block Design

R. Ajantha and N.Ch. Bhatra Charyulu


TS 184561

A Note on Second Order Rotatable Designs Under Intra-Class Correlated Structure of Errors Using a Pair of Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Type Designs

Bejjam Re. Victorbabu, Vellanki Prasanthi and Kottapalli Rajyalakshmi


TS 149247

Using Simple Statistics to Compare Genetic Sequences

Hossam F. Abou-Shaara


TS 134047

Simulation Study of Ratio Type Estimators in Stratified Random Sampling Using Multi-Auxiliary Information

Vishwantra Sharma and Sunil Kumar

TS 169889

Measures of Efficiency of Nearest Neighbour Balanced Block Designs for First Order Correlated Models

R. Senthil Kumar

TS 146123

New Extended Burr III Distribution: Its Properties and Applications

Laba Handique, Rana Muhammad Usman and Subrata Chakraborty

TS 172810

On Characterizations of the Continuous Distributions via Identically Distributed Functions of Upper Record Values

Hyun-Woo Jin

TS 160392

Statistical Properties and Estimation of Type II Half Logistic Lomax Distribution

Amal S. Hassan, M. Elgarhy and Rokaya E. Mohamed

TS 147779

Performance Comparison of Penalized Regression Methods in Poisson Regression under High-Dimensional Sparse Data with Multicollinearity

Chutikarn Choosawat, Orawan Reangsephet, Patchanok Srisuradetchai, Supranee Lisawadi

TS 174632

Gompertz-Alpha Power Inverted Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications

Joseph Thomas Eghwerido, Samuel Chiabom Zelibe, and Eferhonore Efe-Eyefia

TS 176894

An Alternative Estimator with Appropriate Plotting Position Estimates for the Generalized Exponential Distribution

Theerapong Kaewprasert and Manad Khamkong

TS 196558

Non-parametric Methods in the Analysis of Hydroclimatic Variables

Jiten Hazarika and Kuldeep Goswami

TS 208420

The Type II Top-Leone Generalized Power Ishita Distribution with Properties and Applications

Agu Friday Ikechukwu, Runyi Francis Emmanuel and Joseph Egwerido Thomas

TS 180180

An Extension of Exponentiated Lomax Distribution with Application to Lifetime Data

Amal S. Hassan, Mundher A. Khaleel and Rokaya E. Mohamd

TS 226180

Using Balanced Incomplete Block Designs to Generate New Sampling Designs

Paramaporn Sangpara, John J. Borkowski and Patchanok Srisuradetchai

TS 210160

Generalized Family of Copulas: Definition and Properties

Hakim Bekrizadeh

TS 207325

Negative Binomial-Reciprocal Inverse Gaussian Distribution: Statistical Properties with Applications in Count Data

Anwar Hassan, Ishfaq S. Ahmad and Peer Bilal

TS 210801

On Using the Exact Sampling Distribution of Multivariate Coefficient of Variation

David Sam Jayakumar, Sulthan A and Samuel W

TS 216788

On Chung’s Law of Large Numbers for Arrays of Extended Negatively Dependent Random Variables

Haiwu Huang, Yanchun Yi, Andrei Volodin and Sujitta Suraphee

TS 197875

A Kalman Filtering Approach to Event Study Analysis when Performance Variables are Nonstationary

Anya Khanthavit

TS 206932

Power Exponentiated family of Distribution with Application on Two Real-life Datasets

Kanak Modi

TS 217262

Modified Ratio-Cum-Product Type Estimator under Double Sampling: A Simulation Study

Vishwantra Sharma and Sunil Kumar

TS 201578

New Generalized Rank Mapped Transmuted Exponential Distribution and Some Properties

M. A. Ali, Haseeb Athar and M.S. Al-Bassam

TS 209149

A Comprehensive Simulation Study to Compare Various Estimators of the Model Parameters, Model Mean, as well as Model Percentiles of a Two Parameter Generalized Half-Normal Distribution (2P-GHND) with Applications

Matinee Sudsawat, Suntaree Unhapipat and Nabendu Pal


TS 168957

Posterior Analysis of Left Censored Weibull Distribution using Approximate Methods

Navid Feroze and Muhammad Aslam

TS 222111

Improvement of the Holt-Winters Multiplicative Method with a New Initial Value Settings Method

Chantha Wongoutong


TS 234025

Bayesian Estimation for the Scale Parameter of a Family of Lifetime Distributions under Different Priors

Surinder Kumar, Vaidehi Singh and Prem Lata Gautam


TS 237458

Weighted Inverse Nakagami Distribution


Saurav Sarma and Kishore K Das