TS 171911

Expectation Identities of Generalized Order Statistics from the Bass Diffusion Model

Zaki Anwar, Abdul Nasir Khan and Neetu Gupta

TS 135284


Construction of Second Order Slope Rotatable Designs Using Supplementary Difference Sets

P. Chiranjeevi and B. Re. Victorbabu


TS 197804

A Comparative Analysis of Robust Moving Average Dispersion Control Charts

Moustafa Omar Ahmed Abu-Shawiesh, Aamir Saghir, Mohammad H Almomani, Mokhtar Abdullah, and Hatim Solayman Ahmed Migdadi

TS 176368

Some New Members of the T-X Family of Distributions

Laba Handique, Muhammad Akbar Ali Shah, Muhammad Mohsin and Farrukh Jamal

TS 109639

Bayesian Aproach for the Estimation of Missing Responses in Randomized Block Design

R. Ajantha and N.Ch. Bhatra Charyulu


TS 184561

A Note on Second Order Rotatable Designs Under Intra-Class Correlated Structure of Errors Using a Pair of Partially Balanced Incomplete Block Type Designs

Bejjam Re. Victorbabu, Vellanki Prasanthi and Kottapalli Rajyalakshmi


TS 160392

Statistical Properties and Estimation of Type II Half Logistic Lomax Distribution

Amal S. Hassan, M. Elgarhy and Rokaya E. Mohamed

TS 196558

Non-parametric Methods in the Analysis of Hydroclimatic Variables

Jiten Hazarika and Kuldeep Goswami

TS 208420

The Type II Top-Leone Generalized Power Ishita Distribution with Properties and Applications

Agu Friday Ikechukwu, Runyi Francis Emmanuel and Joseph Egwerido Thomas

TS 207325

Negative Binomial-Reciprocal Inverse Gaussian Distribution: Statistical Properties with Applications in Count Data

Anwar Hassan, Ishfaq S. Ahmad and Peer Bilal

TS 210801

On Using the Exact Sampling Distribution of Multivariate Coefficient of Variation

David Sam Jayakumar, Sulthan A  and Samuel W

TS 216788

On Chung’s Law of Large Numbers for Arrays of Extended Negatively Dependent Random Variables

Haiwu Huang, Yanchun Yi, Andrei Volodin and Sujitta Suraphee

TS 206932

Power Exponentiated family of Distribution with Application on Two Real-life Datasets

Kanak Modi

TS 217262

Modified Ratio-Cum-Product Type Estimator under Double Sampling: A Simulation Study

Vishwantra Sharma and Sunil Kumar

TS 201578

New Generalized Rank Mapped Transmuted Exponential Distribution and Some Properties

M. A. Ali, Haseeb Athar and M.S. Al-Bassam

TS 168957

Posterior Analysis of Left Censored Weibull Distribution using Approximate Methods

Navid Feroze and Muhammad Aslam

TS 222111

Improvement of the Holt-Winters Multiplicative Method with a New Initial Value Settings Method

Chantha Wongoutong


TS 234025

Bayesian Estimation for the Scale Parameter of a Family of Lifetime Distributions under Different Priors

Surinder Kumar, Vaidehi Singh and Prem Lata Gautam

TS 237458

Weighted Inverse Nakagami Distribution

Saurav Sarma and Kishore K Das

TS 227854

Equi-Covariable Composite—A Connection to Equal-Row-Sum Covariance matrix

Saran Ishika Maiti


TS 221162

Exponential Smoothing State Space Innovation Model for forecasting Road Accident Deaths in India

Bornali Dutta, Manash Pratim Barman and Arnab Narayan Patowary

TS 221227

Geographically Weighted Regression Model with Covariate Measurement Errors

Ida Mariati Hutabarat and Yacob Ruru

TS 239427

Modified Searls Predictive Estimation of Population Mean Using Known Auxiliary Character

Subhash Kumar Yadav


TS 235233

Reliability Estimation of Three Parameters Gamma Distribution via Particle Swarm Optimization

Shaimaa Waleed Mahmood and Zakariya Yahya Algamal

TS 222166

The New Extension of Odd Log-Logistic Chen Distribution: Mathematical Properties and Applications


Zohre Zamani, Mahmoud Afshari, Hamid Karamikabir, Maryam KhanAhmadi and Morad Alizadeh

TS 227933

Measure of Modified Slope Rotatability for Second Order Response Surface Designs Using Balanced Incomplete Block Designs

B. Re. Victor Babu and P. Jyostna


TS 222517

Boolean Alignment Matrix and Quasi Binomial Distribution: A Case Study Using DNA Sequence Data

Anamika Dutta and Kishore K. Das


TS 228232

A Statistical Profile of Arsenic Prevalence in the Mekong Delta Region

Uyen Huynh, Nabendu Pal, Buu-Chau Truong  and Man Nguyen

TS 220768

A Note on Stochastic Decomposition Results and Its Application

Gautam Choudhury, Akhil Goswami, Anjana Begum, and Hemanta Kumar Sarmah

TS 233740

Point and Interval Estimators of R = P[Y < X] Based on Gompertz Distribution and Ranked Set Sampling Data

Marwa Khalil Hassan, Manal Ibrahim Alohali, and Fatimah Abdulaziz Alojail

TS 223414

Statistical Issues in Modelling Happiness Level of Immigrants: An Investigation with WHR, 2018

Ardhendu Banerjee, Subrata Chakraborty, and Aniket Biswas

TS 232115

Bayesian Estimation of Power Transmuted Inverse Rayleigh Distribution

Amal S. Hassan,  Salwa M. Assar and Ahmed M. Abd Elghaffar

TS 239962

Moment Properties of Generalized Order Statistics from Exponentiated Generalized Class of Distributions

Yousef F. Alharbi, Haseeb Athar and Mohamad A. Fawzy

TS 230234

Valuation of Portfolio Risk and Performance of Several Blue Chip Stocks in Indonesia using Value-at-Risk based on n-Dimensional Geometric Brownian Motion

Di Asih I Maruddani and Trimono Trimono


TS 227284

Discrete Support Set Selection for Gamma Prior Density Estimation in Measurement Error Model Using Empirical Bayes Deconvolution

Fevi Novkaniza, Khairil Anwar Notodiputro, I Wayan Mangku, and Kusman Sadik

TS 240455

Some Inferential Aspects of Mixture Sampling Designs

Srijib Bhusan Bagchi and Bikas K. Sinha

TS 240080

An Efficient Class on Linear Combination of Ratio Type Estimators for Estimating the Population Mean

Raj K. Gangele, Gajendra K. Vishwakarma and Shailesh Kumar Choubey


TS 239429

Transmuted Mixture Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications

Ramin Kazemi, Hasan Haji and Fariba Nasiri


TS 194645

A New Generalized Weighted Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications

Salman Abbas, Saira Zaniab, Obaidullah Mehmood, Gamze Ozal, and Muhammad Qaiser Shahbaz

TS 240753

Marshall-Olkin Sujatha Distribution And Its Applications

Agu Friday Ikechukwu and Joseph Thomas Eghwerido

TS 226774

Beta Poisson-G-Family of Distributions: Its Properties and Application with Failure time Data

Laba Handique, Subrata Chakraborty and Farrukh Jamal

TS 224769

Concept and Evaluation of Persistence Score of Symptoms in case of Schizophrenia

Sangeeta Barthakur and Pranita Sarmah

TS 227355

Statistical Inference for the Extended Weibull Distribution Based on Adaptive Type-II Progressive Hybrid Censored Competing Risks Data

Said G. Nassr , W. S. Abu El Azm and Ehab M. Almetwally

TS 240540

The Effect on Forecasting Accuracy of the Holt-Winters Method When Using the Incorrect Model on a Non-Stationary Time Series

Chantha Wongoutong

TS 240636

Transmuted Quasi Akash Distribution Applicable to Survival Times Data

Anwar Hassan, Sameer Ahmad Wani, Sumeera Shafi and Showkat Ahmad Dar

TS 240569

Size Biased Lindley-Quasi Xgamma Distribution Applicable to Survival Times


Sameer Ahmad Wani, Anwar Hassan, Sumeera Shafi, Showkat Ahmad Dar and Shaista Shafi

TS 226454

A Size Biased Polya-Aeppli Distribution and its Applications


Anurag Gupta, H.L.Sharma and Sanjeeta Biswas

TS 240099

A Predictive Approach for Finite Population Mean When Auxiliary Variables Are Attributes

Monika Saini and Ashish Kumar


TS 240775

Sensitivity of Priors in the Presence of Collinearity in Vector Autoregressive Model

Ojo O. Oluwadare

TS 239149

The Design of GM-F Sampling Plan for Continuous Processes


Pannarat Guayjarernpanishk  and Tidadeaw Mayureesawan

TS 216775

MM-Estimation and Fuzzy Robust Regression for Multiple Regression Model

Kanittha  Yimnak and Kriangsak  Piampholphan

TS 240776

A Comparative Study of Bayesian and Frequentist Testing for Model Comparison in Nested Model

Ojo O. Oluwadare

TS 241130

A Performance of Kumaraswamy Transmuted Rayleigh Distribution


Dawodu Ganiyu, Dina Oluwatobi, Asiribo Osebekwin,  Ajadi Nurudeen, Ajayi Abayomi, Olurode Sikiru

TS 239937

Improving feature selection for credit scoring classification using a novel hybrid algorithm

Omar Saber Qasim, Zakariya Yahya Algamal

TS 230806

Ratio and Inverse Moments of Marshall-Olkin Extended Pareto Distribution through Generalized Record Values and Characterizations

Mahfooz Alam, Rafiqullah Khan and Zaki Anwar


TS 240186

Variance Estimators in the Presence of Measurement Errors Using Auxiliary Information


Muhammad Umair Tariq, Muhammad Nouman Qureshi and Muhammad Hanif

TS 240560

Efficient Minimal Circular Strongly Partially Balanced RMDs

in Periods of Two Different Sizes

Mahmood Ul Hassan, Rida Jabeen, Rashid Ahmed and Muhammad Sajjad

TS 240148

Monte Carlo Simulation of Stress-Strength Model and Reliability Estimation for Extension of the Exponential Distribution

Ehab M. Almetwally, Hisham M. Almongy, Mohamed A. Sabry

TS 240054

Two Mixed Models to Predict the Volatilities of Stock Prices in Egypt

Hanaa Elgohari

TS 240333

Characterization of the New Modified Class of Power Function Distribution with Theory, Simulation and Applications: New Modified Class of Power Function Distribution

Azam Zaka

TS 240549

The Integral Equation Approach for Solving the Average Run Length of EWMA Procedure for Autocorrelated Process

Suvimol Phanyaem

TS 241145

Robust Outliers Detection Method for Skewed Distribution

Wuttichai Srisodaphol, Prem Junsawang and Mintra Promwongsa

TS 241631

A Weibull Split-Plot Design Model and Analysis

Ikwuoche John David

TS 241712

Alpha Power Transformation of Lomax Distribution: Properties and Applications

K. M Sakthivel and V. Nandhini

TS 241780

Mixed Tukey-Double Moving Average for Monitoring of Process Mean

Saowanit Sukparungsee, Nongnuch Saengsura, Yupaporn Areepong and Suganya Phantu

TS 229952

Deconvolving Cumulative Density from Associated Random Processes

Mohammed Es-salih Benjrada and Khedidja Djaballah

TS 239995

On the Burr III-Moment Exponential Distribution

Fiaz Ahmad Bhatti, G.G. Hamedani, Haitham M. Yousof and Azeem Ali

TS 240731

Imputation Methods for Multiple Regression with Missing Heteroscedastic

Muhammad Asif and Klairung Samart

TS 211245

Objective Bayesian Analysis for the Power Function II Distribution Under Doudly Type II Censored Data

Tabassum Sindhu and Zawar Hussaina

TS 240359

A Two-Server Bulk Service Queuing Model with a Permanent Server and a Temporary Server on Hold

Kuntal Bakuli and Manisha Pal

TS 242048

On the Precision of Estimators in Sampling Surveys by Multi-Parametric Calibration Weightings

Etebong P. Clement


TS 241354

An Efficient Class of Estimators for Finite Population Mean Using Auxiliary Variable

Kuldeep Kumar Tiwari

TS 239989

Multiple-Decrement Life Table from the Perspective of Markov Process (k-States)

Labananda Choudhury and Rituparna Roy

TS 242063

Imputation Methods in Time Series with a Trend and a Consecutive Missing Value Pattern

Chantha Wongoutong

TS 241979

The Gompertz – Weibull Fréchet Distribution: Properties and Applications

Winai Bodhisuwan and Sirinapa Aryuyuen

TS 241611

Sequential Analysis and Robustness Study for the Parameters of Positive Exponential Family of Distributions with Known Coefficient of Variation

Surinder Kumar, Prem Lata Gautam and Vaidehi Singh

TS 240677

Cumulative Sum Control Chart Applied to Monitor Shifts in the Mean of a Long-memory ARFIMAX (p, d*, q, r) Process with Exponential White Noise

Wilasinee Peerajit

TS 241062

The Alpha Power Shifted Exponential Distribution: Properties and Applications

Joseph Thomas Eghwerido and Ikechukwu Friday Agu

TS 242182

Simultaneous Confidence Intervals for All Differences of Coefficients of Variation of Normal Distributions with an Application to PM2.5 Dispersion

Suparat Niwitpong, Sa-Aat Niwitpong and Warisa Thangjai

TS 242145

Circular Generalized Logistic Distributions and its Applications

K.M Sakthivel and Alshad K B

TS 235234

The Estimating of α – Series Process Parameters Using Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm

Shaimaa Waleed Mahmood

TS 242566

MACD Indicator with the Modified Signal Line and Trading Weight Inference in Fuzzy Environment

Prachya Bunparsert, Pipat Sampaokit and Wichai Witayakiattilerd

TS 241479

Estimation of Finite Population Quantile by Analytical and Re-scaling Bootstrap Techniques

Sanghamitra Pal and Purnima Shaw

TS 241385

The Length-Biased Gamma-Rayleigh Distribution with Applications

Tanachot Chaito, Pimwarat Nanthaprut, Nawapon Nakharutai and Manad Khamkong

TS 241939

Modified Two Parameter Regression Estimator for Solving the Multicollinearity

Issam Dawoud

TS 242442

Inverse Lomax Log-Logistic Distribution with Applications

Jamilu Yunusa Falgore and Sani Ibrahim Doguwa

TS 239992

Bayesian Analysis of Inverse Rayleigh Distribution under Non-Informative Prior for Different Loss Functions

Ramesh Kumar and Rahul Gupta

TS 242044

On Interval Estimation of the Poisson Parameter in a Zero-inflated Poisson Distribution

Patchanok Srisuradetchai and Kittinan Tonprasongrat

TS 230060

A New Compound Exponentiated Weibull Distribution with Statistical Properties and Applications

Saiful Islam Ansari

TS 242392

Exact Solution of Average Run Length on Extended EWMA Control Chart for the First-Order Autoregressive Process

Kotchaporn Karoon, Yupaporn Areepong and Saowanit Sukparungsee