Intelligent Documents: Factors Affecting Decision Making of Purchasing Intelligent Documents Application

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Yanin Kiantaku
Arnont Tubtiang
Pairoj Likittanasert


Nowaday the world has moved to the age of the changes to the digital transformation technology which plays a big role in the daily life. The behavior of people have changed according to the trends in the Information and Communication Technology (ICT).As we can see the growth and development a lot on the mobile phone and mobile internet technologies which add up the skills to the information and communication technology (ICT) and play a big role in the daily life and improve the quality of people’s lives, become more convenient to connect. The trend of technology development will be based on the smartphone and connect to the Internet to be able to work quickly and effectively to the technology. This paper is the study of the Independent Business plan development software application to manage the documents by the promotion of the government sector in the digital startup to create technology entrepreneurs and the new page on the digital innovation to develop and create products, and also increase the accuracy and speed of the User Information. The research aims to take the opportunities in the development of the business in the software application that is useful and the state sector to support in the industry by the study focus on the management of the document to be able to respond to the organization and the people in general to the functionality and a good price to analyze and develop business plans by using the how to store the data by using the online questionnaire google form and and to provide specific questionnaires to those who had used the document management technology. Business plan the intelligent documents are in the business because of the knowledge of the development with the experience and the software on a legacy novell will be able to develop the application software to handle this document is interesting and use in life.

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