Geometric Distortion of Uncut Chip in One Plane Milling

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Thitaphol Huyanan


For over last 5 decades, various models for predicting the uncut chip geometry have been introduced. The conventional model is, surprisingly, still well accepted and applied in many sections despite of being derived from the circular tool trajectory instead of the trochoid one. As a result, this paper presents an analysis of geometric distortion between the actual uncut chip and the conventional model through both the in-cutting angles and the new approached dimensionless parameters. In this works, the VBA for AutoCAD programming was implemented as the main tool for creating uncut chips and determining their characteristics. The trochoid trajectory was generated from a series of successive points on the synthetic curves. According to the comparative study’s results, the proposed criteria for assessing the geometric distortion can identify the differentia between the actual uncut chip and the conventional model as expected. It is then possible to draw a conclusion that the use of conventional model is valid regardless of any effects due to its oversimplification if, and only if, the cutting condition is on a good term with and do not exceed and

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