Publication Ethics of Journal of Industrial Education

School of industrial education and technology King Mongkut's Institute of Technology Ladkrabang

 1. (Duties of Authors)

   1.1  Author must affirm the article that is written from facts from education and research  without any                        distortion and misinformation.
   1.2  The article must not be published or publicized in any journal before.
   1.3 The author must not plagiarize from others and always has references when refer to   other’s article.
   1.4 In case Journal detected plagiarism in author’s article or overlapping with other journal  or any published
         articles, journal has all rights to refuse to publish author’s article and  conduct those who are affected
         by the plagiarism and author’s affiliation according to  severity of the case.
   1.5 Author has to confirm morality in human research and/or morality in other’s terms for 
         author’s own research.

2. (Duties of Editor)
    2.1 Editor has to evaluate all articles by considering article’s content which is related to journal  purpose and             scope, and also check article’s quality before publishing articles.
    2.2 When evaluate articles, editor has to have academic and research reasons without any biases.
    2.3 Editor has duty to continuously conduct the publishing journal process according to standards.
    2.4 Editor must not reveal author and reviewers’ information during evaluation process.
    2.5 Editor must note publish article for one’s own benefits.

3. (Duties of Reviewers)
  3.1 When evaluate articles, reviewer has to have academic and research reasons without any biases.
  3.2 reviewer must not receive any benefits from author that affect reviewer’s opinion and need to
         identify editor to reject to evaluate the article.

  3.3 Reviewer has to evaluate article that the reviewer specializes and considering article’s quality
        without personal opinion.
  3.4 If reviewer detected plagiarism, reviewer must notify editor.
  3.5 reviewer must evaluate articles within the time limit and must not reveal article’s information
         to outsiders.