The Rebirth of Education Schooling Ain't Learning

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Prasert Kenpankho


Every book reviewer has to have the reviewed reason, a simple reason that tell why the reviewer reviewed the book, why people should or should not read it, and what the book says. Here is my book reviewed reason. During the period of 2007-2015, I was working as an external academic assessor in vocational education level in Thailand. I was noticed that the outcome of external academic assessment score is mostly focused on the school system more than the student learning. The school system is good. It does not mean that the student learning is good. The overall passing the learning test of student is still lower than the standard score. I think I should do something about it. I should find some solutions to solve this issue in the right way. Finally, I found the solution in the book named as “the rebirth of education schooling ain't learning”.

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