A Study of Guidelines on Integration of Services for The Self-insured Persons Through Local Administrative Organizations

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Jularat Wattana
Suchat Premsuriya


The purpose of this research was to propose the guidelines on integration of services for the self-insured persons under Article 40 (IPA 40) through local administrative organizations (LAO) in accordance with the Cabinet's resolution regarding services to the people. It was conducted as the mixed research between the Documentary Research and the Field Study together with the Focus Group. In this study, there were 180 participants consisting of insured persons, labor volunteers, and social security network and community leaders. In addition, there were 58 interviewees including administrators of the LAOs who gave the data about the service channels for IPA 40, administrators of the Social Security Office (SSO) who gave the data about the service channels through the LAOs and the IPA 40. The data were collected by an opinion survey about guidelines of the services for IPA 40 through the LAOs and a form of structured interview and then they were analyzed in terms of frequency and percentage. The results of the research showed that the services are based on the cabinet resolution and the concept of modern government management by using electronic networks. In terms of the IPA 40’s needs, 82 % of them have agreed to allow the LAOs to locally provide the service to receive the IPA 40’s contribution payment whereas 84 % of them have agreed to use the LAOs’ services free-of-charge and 76 % of them have agreed that the IPA 40’s contribution payment is               a part of the LAOs’ tasks. In terms of the guidelines of the integration, they should be done in compliance with firstly the Act of Plan and Procedure Design for Decentralization to the LAOs; secondly, the information technology (IT) system for the integration of the services among government agencies. In this regard, the services for the IPA 40 should cover 4 areas as follows: (1) registering service, (2) contributions payment service, (3) depository documents for compensation benefits under the Social Security Article 40 (4) public relations campaigns of the knowledge of social security coverage, Article 40, at the local level.

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