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Sumran Chaikhamwang
Vijitra Montri
Yuttawhat Chailangkan


The purposes of this research were to develop Thai Herbs Application. The target group was the three experts into the development of application to evaluate the effectiveness of the application. The tools of this research were 1) Thai Herbs Application and 2 ) Evaluation form of Thai Herbs Application. Statistics used were mean and standard deviation. The research findings showed that an Thai Herbs Application helped facilitate the search using by photos and be used on smartphone that ran android operating system and predicted herbs photos by Auto ML Vision API. The Thai Herbs Application is divided into two parts. The first part is Mobile Application section. The ability of the application can search for four ways, including 1) camera, 2) pictures album, 3) herbs name, symptoms or diseases, and 4) voice. The second part is web application for administrator section to manages information such as herbal information, symptoms and diseases, contraindications and precautions for using herbs, and herbal medicine information. The results of the Thai Herbs Application performance evaluation was found that the overall result of the research was at the highest level, with the highest average (gif.latex?\bar{x}) = 4.46 and standard deviation (S.D) = 0.47.

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